Thursday, December 14, 2006


I have been busy doing what seems like nothing. I am only making 4 or 5 calls a day. I am doing it throught I was able to do a commercial for a Local Milk Company 2 weeks ago. It was interesting.

Yesterday was a long day, started at 8:00 am giving a talk to a hospice about Santa visiting their clients. If anyone is intersted it is a wonderful organization I invite all to check it out. Then if the Christmas Spirit of giving grabs you, they have a place where you can make a donation right online.

Before I was through giving my talk people in the room were writing down names of people they wanted me to visit in the program. This morning I received an e-mail with request for me to go visit 5 different people.

Back to yesterday. Then I went to the Hospice House and and visited with some people there. Last Thursday there I took a picture with a lady who was 92 years young, and as it turned out it was the very first picture she had ever taken with Santa.

After Hospice I went to the Hospital. Visited with a little guy 4 years old who had been runover by a tractor, he is a real miracle. When I walked into his ICU room he had a smile that could light up the skys.
It was a great visit. Then across the way I went to visit with a 15 year old who was in an automobile accident and had a major brain injury, it looks like he will turn out to be in good shape, before it is all over.

Out and down the hall I went as I passed by the ICU waiting room there were 3 young ones waiting in there with there Mom Grandma and a couple Great Aunts. The little ones Great Grandma was in ICU and the prognosis was grim as I started talking to them. The oldest boy about 7 told me that all he wanted for Christmas was for his Great Gram to get well, It was my duty to tell him that there was someone bigger than Santa who would have to take care of that, and that I would be praying. I was able to visit with the others and share with all of them some Love, Hope and Joy.

Around the corner and down the hall I went to the PEDS unit. They had eight patients for me to visit with. It gives me so much Joy to see the looks on the Childrens faces when Santa walks in the room.

Enough of the Hospital scene, so I headed downtown for some coffee at my favorite Coffee shop COOL BEANS, I finally found a parking spot and had to walk about a block to Coffee. On the way there a young lady came running out of a store and said Santa I Love You. All I could say was ditto. Then a little guy came walking up the street with his mom and I spoke to him and handed him one of my special cards.

Then I decided that the store the young lady came out of was on a gift certificate that I had been given, so I went back in there to shop for a gift for Mrs Claus. Well the little guy and his mom followed me in. I finished my shopping and continued on to Coffee. In just a couple minutes the little guy came in there with mom he ordered up a hot Cocoa. I asked the lady to put a little extra whip cream on for him. Mom and the little guy drank their goodies and left.

I sat there at Cool Beans for another 45 minutes enjoying several cups of their special blend. Then it was time for me to head off to a Christmas Party for some preschoolers. It had to be the nicest warmest HOME I mean a real home where this party was held. Another one of those warm fuzzy things going on. Before I left I was asked if I could go to another Party on Sunday. It was a great 2 hours.

Then I came home to make three calls to children from Santa. I made the first two then to the third and it was then that I had realized I had them in the wrong time zone. I called and the girls were already in bed. So we made arrangements for me to call them this evening.

I went to bed and tossed all night because of that call. Santa is not supposed to make those kind of mistakes.

Well I was woke up this morning by Mrs Claus saying that someone was calling. It seems that little guys mom is a local DJ for a morning drive show and her and her partner were looking for the Santa that was downtown so one of my friends was calling to let me know. I called and spoke to them it seems they are wanting me to come down next week and talk to some children on the phone live from the station at 6:30 in the morning. So Santa will be up early for that one.

I was able to get my calls in this evening and Mrs. Claus was able to help me make the call to the girls I missed last night extra special as she took her turn at talking to them.

Speaking of Mrs Claus she was quoted in Time Magazine last week in an article about Santas' it was only in the subscribers issue that is sent to women, and it can be found online. Her quote which was meant to describe all Santas' was "Santa is just a Chick Magnet"

Well that has to be the end of this post for now. I hop[e to have some more goodies soon. I will be answering 34 letters from first and second graders and that post should be interesting.