Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hey Santa Christmas is Over

Today I had the opportunity to visit with my friend Santa Patwho spent his time in Joliet, Illinois While I was having the front end aligned on Mrs. Claus car. We were able to share some our stories from the last season, it should not be surprising that the children up there were not that much different than the ones I found in Southern California.

When the car was done I went over to a trade show, it is mainly for farming but they do have a vendors there showing off their new tools. I was seeing if they had anything new that would make my job of making Santa belt buckles easier.

As I was walking past one of the implement dealers there were some salesmen sitting on some equipment and one of they called out to me, Hey Santa Christmas is over. So I had to ask him "So does that mean that Santa just dies the next day. The look on this guys face was priceless, and then the other guys let him know that I had got him pretty good. That was almost as good as the three little girls from last week.

I am getting my e-bay store up and running again after being on vacation mode. It takes a little time to list the new items and I want to have my Santa Belt buckles up on there within the next couple days. If you go on e-bay I think you can do a store search and the name of mine is pretty easy, I Believe In Santa.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Web Site problems

Well I went to my website this morning and found it to be full of new problems nothing was working right. So it looks like I will have to start from scratch again. I hope to have it all in proper order and working within the week as it takes me awhile to get everythin up and running. I can still get e-mails though.

Mrs. Claus and I are enjoying the empty nest thing but we still miss Shane being here at home. This morning he received his official certificate and ID from The Royal Order of Santa Claus and National Santa Claus registry.

I will let everyone know when I have the website up and running again but I think I will give it a couple of days before I do, just to make sure it is running right.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Cats out of the bag

I just realized that I have repeated some things on this posting so you can just go down to the new information. It seems that once I put a photo up on this site I am unable to take it off. I think I have been able to edit enough to put the new informaion in Blue on this posting so you can just scroll past the red. As you can see Mrs. Claus was very happy to see Santa get home. Of course we still had a few stops to make before we could go home on Christmas Day. Our first stop was to see my friend Adam my special friend who is pictured here on the right. My first trip to see him was three years ago. Everytime I show up he is just like the first time very excited to see that Santa actually came by his house on Christmas Day just to see him. I felt like this year was special, he was the first one to see Santa in his new suit. The first year I was in the one Mrs. Claus had made for me and last year I went directly from the airport in my red bib overalls. He never cared he just knew it was Santa coming to see Adam.
This is a photo of my good friend JoAnn with Santa. She told me about Adam and I knew I just had to go see him. JoAnn has been the one who gives me the updates on Adam some of his shenanigans and what he has been up to. This year she gave me all the important information then told me he turns 25 this year. He would like to have a college cheerleading team come by and do a cheer for him and maybe sing Happy Birthday. So I guess I will be working on trying to make that happen for him, only because is is a good kid most of the time. Well as all should know by now Santa managed to be going too fast on his way to the next stop. I thought I was going to see my friend John and his inlaws just a courtesy stop no big deal.
What John had not told me was that I would meet a new special friend when I
arrived there. So here is my friend Rusty again one that
was very excited to see me. When we arrived Rusty came out of the garage, and was as surprised to see me as I was to see him. I finally was able to get him to take me in to see John and the rest of his family. John and his father in law own the company that cuts out my buckles for me. Water Extreme Technologies. They did all the artistic metal work at the Great Falls International Airport.
My first week home from Westfields Plaza Bonita I just wanted to catch up on some rest and relaxation. So that was exactly what I did for the next 8 days. Then it was time to help Shane get ready to go off to college. Buying the last minute things that he thought he would need taking all of his suits and sport coats to the dry cleaners and picking them up. Talk about sticker shock that was a huge dry cleaning bill! I was able to get into see Patty at Raz Matazz to have my roots taken care of, so that we could get our family portraits done again as the ones we did before I went to San Diego had a problem seems that Shane's glasses produced large glares so this time we did it without glasses. This bleaching my hair is getting to be some what of a mess my hair is growing too fast. So in order to keep the image of Santa alive all year round which will be required for me to volunteer with Santa_America I will need to get it done at least every eight weeks. Any way we put Shane on Amtrak on Friday January 6th and sent him off to Owatanna, Minnesota. He is starting mid year at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, he wants to graduate with a degree in Theology as well as music education.
So this last week I have spent on changing over my web hosting company and rebuilding my web site. So now the new one is up and running still needs a little tweaking though. It can be found at There are links to a biography that I am still working on, as well as a link to this blog. Still under construction are the pages that will have my Santa Belt Buckles listed for sale as well as a photo album so that you won't have to put up with so many photos on this blog.
Now here is where the cat gets out of the bag. Some of my friends know quite a bit of information about me. At Westfields Plaza Bonita one current employee and one former employee had tmi. Too Much Information about Santa. A little hint for those that did not know would be to put it like this Too Information Much. But no one there knew where I lived other than the North Pole some knew that I was known to spend some time in Montana. Now all will know even more information than they should by visiting my new website.
I will try not to let so much time lapse between entries on this blog so that maybe they will not be so long.