Sunday, February 25, 2007


My Mrs. is a cook for a school for the deaf and blind and they have a cottage program for students that live out oftown or in other states. The students know that she is married to Santa. One day a parent who had been visiting came to the dining room with her child and the little girl wanted to introduce her mom to my Mrs. She said Mom this is Mrs. Claus. But her fake name is Mack

Saturday, February 17, 2007


WOW I have always thought seven 7 was my lucky number.

So far I went to California January 18th for our AORBS 14th annual luncheon. I stayed with my Santa Friend Al in Santa Clarita, California.

I have applied to be The Santa for Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. It is my hope to hear about that this next week and personally I feel I am the Santa they want for their theme park.

Now I have posted twice in one day, even though the previous post has been in draft form for almost two weeks. So far and this is only mid February I have logged 2600 out of town travel miles. This year the mileage will probably go up.

A Wrap up of a Great Year

What Santa did in 2006 that can be remembered
Co Chair Workshops for Discover Santa Convention in Branson, Mo.
Attended pre convention set up
Attended the first AORBS convention
Worked the Montana State FAir 9 days

Interviewed by Great Falls Tribune newspaper article (printed)
Interviewed by Time Magazine Magazine article (printed)
Televisiom Story on KRTV
Television Story on KFBB
2 hour raido interview with call in from children
Santa at Belt School
Santa at MSDB
Santa at East Middle School
Television Commercial For the Udder Company
Party For Varner's
Santa at Mountain View
Party At Bloomgren Rivera Accounting
Radio Commercials for Benefit
Numerous visitis with Families and Children At Benefis Hospital
Trained for Hospice work with Peace Hospice
Photo Shoot for illustrator Brian Morger for book Miracle on Cabbagehead Pass
Trained For Childrens Bereavement with Peace Hospice
Visited with Hospice patients
Attended Childrens bereavement Christmas Party
Eight Home visits for a young lady and her family
Visit With Steve disabled - Dad in Iraq
Childrens Museum Party
Visit with special disabled friend Adam
Family Christmas Party on bootlegger
Amy & Bruces Christmas Party
Worked Theater for opening weekend of Santa Claus III the escape claus
Took Sign Language Class to be able to speak to Deaf People
Attended Goodwill Easter Seal Christmas Party (sang with Brian Morger)
Delivered Anonymous gifts to two families for Brian
Santa at Childrens Receiving Home
Santa at Benefis Volunteer Christmas Party

Out of town travel `13,800 miles