Thursday, May 15, 2008


Twenty two days until we leave on our trip to the North Pole. We are planning a short cut though. Our trip we take us to Denver, across Kansas, Missouri and then drop down into southern Indiana and make a stop in Santa Claus, Indiana for a day or so. From there we will head south east to Gatlinburg Tennessee where we will be working on some details for Celebrate Santa. After 5 days there we will head to Pennsylvania for a couple days with a trip to Cherry Hill, New Jersey sqeezed into that lay over.

The next leg will get us to Santa's Workshop, where we will get to stay until Labor Day. With the schedule we will have there I should be able to make daily post on the adventures of Santa in the summer.

We will try to make post as we travel along on our trip as well. We are looking forward to a stop in Denver where we get to visit with some of my brother Santa's, then on Sunday we will attend a BBQ with some very special relatives.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


A few weeks ago I found out that Santa's Workshop at The North Pole in New York was looking for Santa to spend the summer at their amusement park. So I sent off an e-mail and some photos and after a few telephone calls was told that they wanted me. So I will be there this summer from June 28 through September 6. Good news is that Mrs. C. and Cody the wonder dog get to come with me.

Part of my duties will be to get in the sleigh and go through the park being pulled by my reindeer. No they will not be flying during this time of year. I will also be making a new proclamation every day.

We will have an interesting trip as we are leaving here on June 6th going to Denver for a couple days then over to Santa Claus, Indiana for about a day. From there we will be going to Gatlinburg to work on some of the details for Celebrate Santa 2009. I have been writting a seperate blog for Celebrate Santa, after several days in Gatlinburg we will head North to the Pole.

This summer should turn into an amazing adventure and we will be making regular post for this adventure as I will have enough time for it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrate Santa

Well this first big event of 2008 was being asked to be Executive Chairman of Celebrate Santa 2009. Santa Joe Moore and his lovely wife Mary (get that Joseph and Mary) are the main people behing this event, that will be held on March 16,17,18, 2009 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

It promises to be a great event for Santa's of all types, real bearded and traditional bearded, as well as Mrs. Claus' and helpers. We are anticipating about 700 red suited gentlemen. It should be an absolute ball for anyone that is in the Gatlingburg area during that time period. Speaking of Balls we are going to have the Red and Green Gala Ball on the 17th after the parade.

Anyone who would like more information on this can check out the other blog that I am trying to keep up to date for Celebrate Santa 2009.

There is some more exciting news to come in my next post on where I will be at this summer. ( a hint would be N.P. N.Y.) Look for my next posting to find out more about my summer tour plans.

Monday, April 21, 2008


It has been so long since I have updated this blog so I thought I would give a bit of a wrap up for what 2007 was like. Granted it can be boring for some, however it really shows why I neglected this blog. I will be working up what has happened so far this year as it has been very exciting.

January 9th First Bleaching for the year by Patty at Razmatazz in Great Falls, Montana

January 11th Flew to the Bob Hope Airport Stayed with Santa Al Hodek we attended the 13th annual AORBS Founders Luncheon on January 14th luncheon was held aboard the Queen Mary returned home on the 16th. 2550 mi. flying 5 days from home

May 3rd drove to Denver attended IUSC on the 5th at Colorado School of Mines received Bachelors of Santaology. From Santa Tim Connaghan’s IUSC.
May 6th We attended Rocky Mtn Santa Round up at The El Rancho in Evergreen, Colorado left for home on the 6th 1600 mi, driving 4 days from home

May 7th Another Bleach Job by Patty at Razmatazz in Great Falls, Montana

May13th left for Santa Claus, Indiana spent one night in Denver, then 2 nights in Overland Park, Kansas forAORBS site inspection.

Arrived Santa Claus on the 17th 1803 mi. driving

Started working on the 18th until the 20th

May 21st drove to Franklin, Tennessee. to meet with Scribe books, publishers Ang & Dan DePriest, as well as Brian Morger artist for book Miracle at Cabbagehead Pass returned May 25th 376 mi. driving

Santa at Santa’s Candy Castle in Santa Claus, In. from May 18th until August 12th
77 work days 3100 mi. driving

July 17th Bleach hair at by in Santa Claus, Indiana

August 13th Holiday World with Santas Ken Fulkerson, Jim George, Don Love, and Don Brunk as well as Santa Gary Issacson there Santa. Rode the #1 and # 7 wooden Roller Coasters in the World The Voyager and the Legend.

Aug 14th Drove to Pigeon Forge Tennessee met with Joe and Mary Moore about future Santa work in this area, Santa Tim Connaghan flew in as well. 352 miles driving

Aug 17th Drove to Atlanta Georgia for IUSC school received Masters of Santaology from Santa Tim Connaghan 2 day course.

May 20th back to Pigeon Forge Tennessee after dropping Santa Tim Connaghan at Knoxville airport, to continue discussion of future Santa work with Joe & Mary Moore 405 miles driving

Aug 22nd to Nashville to go over more information on progress of Miracle at Cabbagehead Pass with Scribe book Publishers. 180 miles driving

Aug 25th drove to North Little Rock, Arkansas on Way to Branson 188 miles driving
Aug 26th Completed drive to Branson to meet with Dave Cook author of Miracle
At Cabbage Head pass and his wife Becky. While I was there also worked out a job with the Radisson Branson to come back with Mrs. Claus to work in their vendor booth for the Grand Opening of the new Convention center in Branson.

Aug. 28th Drove to Denver, Colorado on way home visited with my sister 812 miles driving

Aug 31st Drove to Belt home finally 752 miles driving and 109 days away from home .

September 5th Another bleach job by Patty at Razmatazz.

Sept. 6th Flew to Branson via Salt Lake City to Cincinnati to Springfield, Missouri. 2290 miles of flying then had to rent a car and drive to Branson, Missouri

Sept 7thand 8th worked for Raddison Sept 9th we flew back home got bumped from a flight and had to spend night in Salt Lake City at Raddison Hotel 1895 miles flying

September 10th finished trip to Great Falls, Montana 405 miles flying 5 days away from home.

September 19th flew to St. Louis, Missouri for Round Bobbin Expo trade show worked for Santa America Sept. 20th 21st 22nd and 23rd trying to get home sewers to make Hugs from Santa, 1464 miles of flying.

September 24th had to wait until the 25th to fly home.

September 25th Flew back home to Great Falls 1464 miles flying 5 days away from home.

November 8th last bleaching of the year by Patty at Razmatazz in Great Falls, Montana.

November 13th Flew to Tampa St. Pete airport to work at Countryside Mall in Clearwater, Florida for Cherry Hill Photo 1859 miles flying Work at Mall through December 24th drove 1376 miles in rental car.

December 25th flew back home through Denver, Colorado flight was delayed almost five hours due to snow storm back home 1859 miles of flying 43 days away from home.

Now how the numbers pan out.

Miles of flying 13,776
Miles of driving 13,104

Total days away from home 171
Total days at home 194

Total Miles as Santa 26,880

Not all driving miles show up in this posting but they were sure there.
The trips into the hospital in Great Falls for visits on the pediatric floor are not shown as those visits were private.

To sum it up for this Santa it was a busy year, but by far the most personally rewarding.
It really is about the heart!