Thursday, May 15, 2008


Twenty two days until we leave on our trip to the North Pole. We are planning a short cut though. Our trip we take us to Denver, across Kansas, Missouri and then drop down into southern Indiana and make a stop in Santa Claus, Indiana for a day or so. From there we will head south east to Gatlinburg Tennessee where we will be working on some details for Celebrate Santa. After 5 days there we will head to Pennsylvania for a couple days with a trip to Cherry Hill, New Jersey sqeezed into that lay over.

The next leg will get us to Santa's Workshop, where we will get to stay until Labor Day. With the schedule we will have there I should be able to make daily post on the adventures of Santa in the summer.

We will try to make post as we travel along on our trip as well. We are looking forward to a stop in Denver where we get to visit with some of my brother Santa's, then on Sunday we will attend a BBQ with some very special relatives.

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