Sunday, April 27, 2008


A few weeks ago I found out that Santa's Workshop at The North Pole in New York was looking for Santa to spend the summer at their amusement park. So I sent off an e-mail and some photos and after a few telephone calls was told that they wanted me. So I will be there this summer from June 28 through September 6. Good news is that Mrs. C. and Cody the wonder dog get to come with me.

Part of my duties will be to get in the sleigh and go through the park being pulled by my reindeer. No they will not be flying during this time of year. I will also be making a new proclamation every day.

We will have an interesting trip as we are leaving here on June 6th going to Denver for a couple days then over to Santa Claus, Indiana for about a day. From there we will be going to Gatlinburg to work on some of the details for Celebrate Santa 2009. I have been writting a seperate blog for Celebrate Santa, after several days in Gatlinburg we will head North to the Pole.

This summer should turn into an amazing adventure and we will be making regular post for this adventure as I will have enough time for it.

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