Wednesday, September 13, 2006


July 16
Wow what a trip that was we took three days to drive down there Mrs. C and I. We had 4 full days of workshops then off to a variety of Shows every night. I had 299 of my real bearded ambassadors there as well as approximately 250 Mrs. C's and helpers. It was so much fun fellowshipping with all of those Jolly Ol fat men in red suits, of course most of us maintained a more casual summer attire.

Except for the morning of the parade, we were up at 5:oo a.m. leaving for the parade area by six. I guess we created a lot of noise all those big guys with bells ringing through the Raddison hotel so early in the morning. Through out the trip we took over 400 photos and it would just be too difficult to figure out which ones to put up.

We took our time coming home and was able to visit relatives and friends all the way back.

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