Wednesday, September 13, 2006

JULY 19, 2006 Santa at the fair

One of the things that I have been doing since about Feburary is stopping in at the Hospital from time to time visiting patients. When they held the state Special Olympics here I was there with the hospital crew greeting the Olympians, I made a lot of friends there.

Well the State Fair will be coming up and we don't have the money to attend so Santa gets a brilliant idea and we drive into the fair office with a proposal. I go in and see Stan the Man and ask him how he would like to have Santa wandering around the fairgrounds for 10 days jsut greeting people and letting them take photos. He tells me their budget is already shot. So I think wow they might pay for something like this! I then respond with I don't want to get paid this year, I jsut want passes to get in every day with Mrs. Claus. He said he could handle that and gets us hooked up.

So now this roller coaster is just starting up the really big hill.


Anonymous said...

Hi Santa! I was wondering if you have any little santa children of your own!

Anonymous said...

Hi Santa -

This is Nathan's mom from Chula Vista, CA. We were thinking about you today. We have a new fancy mall opening up next week in Eastlake/Otay Ranch that we are very excited for....but we will be making the trip over specifically to see you at Plaza Bonita if you are going to be there this year. Are you planning to return? We sure look forward to having you here!

beej said...

Hi Santa!

I found your blog by accident when looking for something on Google about website design.

I think what you and Mrs. C. do is a great thing and I liked reading your blog. You sound like a jolly ol' elf and I think it's really neat that you still wear Christmas shirts and red suspender pants all year round :)

PS - I've been REALLY good :P

But you already know that.

Bobbi Jo Woods
St. Paul, MN