Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I really did not want to do an update like this but here is a bunch of things that hve happened or are going to happen. Well Mrs. Claus and I walked around the State fair for 10 days and greeted a lot of people. Everyone asked what I was doing and I just let them know I was checking the naughty and nice list. Of course almost everyone was on the nice list.

At the fair I met Uncle Curly the clown, a very nice kinda guy. His cousin Billy does sand sculpture and he took ten days to do a great one at the fair.

Also at the fair Santa found a new Elf Amy. She will be helping Santa with a lot of things the first of which she decided that she should be the seamstress to the Claus's She has already made Mrs. Claus a new outfit and four new Shirts for Santa.

Then we had the great photo shoot for the book Miracle on Cabbagehead Pass. The publishers are just great people Ang and Dan DePriest with Scribe books. The author Dave Cook I have only spoke to once and a couple e-mails. over a period of three days we took about 650 photos.

We ate dinner together twice and they introduced Santa to a new coffee shop. Cool Beans on Central Ave. downtown Great Falls. The coffee is great the people are even better and I don't think I have ever sat in more comfortable chairs. I am excited to see how the illustrator Brian Morger does with all the photos. The book should be out in time for Christmas 2007, I have never read such a wonderful Christmas story before.

I was able to complete Hospice training with Peace Hospice for the things I do with Santa-America.org check out their website when you get a chance. www.santa-america,org I have been visiting the hospital at least twice a week.

My Elf Amy started a promotion for a breakfast with Santa that will benefit Santa-America she is a real go getter and a major supporter of what I do with the organization. The breakfast will be held November 18th from 8a.m. until noon at the VFW in Great Falls. Then the next afternoon we will be having a special meet and greet with Santa at the Childrens Museum for special needs children.

A couple weeks ago my friend Bob Litak launched our Just be Claus website. www.justbeclaus.net I have an e-mail address there santa.justbeclaus.net yes that is right no @ in that one. If you get a chance you can check that one out as well. I have been asked by several people if I would be going back to San Diego (National City's Plaza Bonita Mall) again this year. Unfortunately I will not be going there. I am going to stay here and do the charitable Santa things that I enjoy so much. I will be available for some private parties for a nominal fee. It is my hope that another website will be launched within the next week or two. www.igotacallfromsanta.com it is not up as of yet. But when it does come up I will be making telephone calls from the North Pole as it will show up on your caller ID. It is my hope that I can make a few extra dollars for myself as well as being able to put some dollars into some charitable organizations.

I will be completing Childrens bereavement training this week.

I checked with the only theatre here last week to see about being there for the opening of Santa Claus 3 the escape clause. They will get back to me this week I hope as the Movie opens up on November 3rd.

The other BIG news is that I have been appointed the Northwest regional Director of AORBS, Almagated Order of Real Bearded Santa's.

Special Notes I was very pleased that the mommy and me classes that I have seen asked me to make special arrangements with them this year, and I am sorry that I will not be there for them. I am really sorry that I will not be able to see Nathan this year either. If Nathans mom will send me an e-mail I would like to correspond with her.

That will be all for Now. I will try to keep caught up with this so that everyone will know what Santa is doing.

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